The Light in the piazza


Where the Broadway version of The Light in the Piazza filled the palatial Vivian Beaumont Theatre with light, this production, returning to the show's chamber roots, reflected an image that transfixes Margaret in the opening number "Statues and Stories": a "beacon coming out of the dark." Margaret, Clara, Fabrizio, and the Naccarellis navigate a darkened piazza space lit by street lamps, isolated and reaching for connection. 

The original overture was restored and staged as a prologue - we first saw Margaret exploring the piazza as a young woman on her honeymoon; she reappeared moments later, twenty years older and longing to recapture the joy she knew then. The production was ensemble-driven, focusing on the evolving relationships between and among the show's four couples.

Cast: Shelley Farmer, Geoff Hahn, Rebekah Lowin, Lorenzo Landini, Devin Lloyd, Kyle McCormick, Sam Mickel, Benjamin Russell

Musical Direction by Solomon Hoffman

Art Direction by Rikki Feuerstein

Set Design by Isabel Nelson          

Costume Design by Ilana Breitman

Lighting Design by Aramael Pena-Alcantara