co-directed by Alex Hare and Zhailon Levingston

music by Nehemiah Luckett

book and lyrics by Zhailon Levingston

The doors to an abandoned Alabama church are locked, so Richard smashes a window. God will return tonight to this place, he believes, and upon breaking in, memories from the last thirty years come to life: a pastor self-medicating for his PTSD, a prayer group looking for answers, a young activist campaigning to keep the lights on, and more. A kaleidoscopic new musical tracing the lives of church leaders and congregants amid political movements, tragedies, and spiritual rebirth, A Burning Church is about an American institution fighting to survive a crisis of faith.

 New Ohio Theatre, workshop presentation January 2019

featuring Nathan Hinton, Avionce Hoyles, Ashley Jones, Devin Kessler, Tracey Conyer Lee, Marla Louissaint, and Gary Vincent

lighting design by Katie Whittemore


book, music and lyrics by Julián J Mesri

directed by Alex Hare

Steerage, a new musical, follows the story of four immigrants traveling to the US from Europe on the Red Star Line in 1904 -- and then, exactly 100 years later, the lives of their great-grandchildren, who cross paths on an "immigration experience" themed cruise ship. The show, set to a score merging Golden Age of Broadway and contemporary pop/Latin styles, offers a satirical look at class issues surrounding immigration both then and now, while also considering the emotional impact of immigration on future generations.

Columbia University School of the Arts, workshop production February 2019

featuring Sam Balzac, Zach Bravo, Annabelle Fox, Feliciano Tencos-Garcia, Dan Gonon, Cassidy Layton, Benjamin Russell, Lindsay Spangenthal, and Elyse Steingold

Producer and Dramaturg Xan Russell

Production Stage Manager Ada Zhang

Assistant Director Duda Penteado

Music Director Ian Miller

Set Designer Sara Pisheh

Costume Designer Nell Simon

Lighting Designer Katie Whittemore

Sound Technician Jacob Robinson

Fight Choreographer Alex Gould

Photographer Annie Wang