Dixon place Hot! Festival JULY 2015

Stephen Davan

Conceived by Cody Haefner and Alex Hare

Directed by Alex Hare

Set Design by Stephen Davan

Cast/Creators: Jessica Castro, Raquel Chavez, Shelley Farmer, Brian LaPerche, Max Silver, Zachary Small

Gayropa is an original ensemble-devised play following the internet adventures of Katja, a closeted teenage girl living outside Moscow who hides from the dangers of her day-to-day life by exploring herself online.

Katja's varied internet activities include trying to get intimate (via Skype) with her long-distance American girlfriend; watching clips from her favorite TV show, the hit ABC sitcom Lez is More; and following the news, which is dominated by an unusual story -- the proposal of a new nation for all the world's queer people, to be called Gayropa. According to its founders, Gayropa will offer protection and solidarity for those who need it and, in a 21st century twist, it will connect its population through modern technology, rather than staking claim to a spot on the map. Gayropa is about what it means to be a global citizen, what we as queer liberated Americans owe to queer people elsewhere, and how we honor the humanity of those around us.