Aroma Theatre Collaborative, Cap21 Studios, 2014

Red Shift is a musical meets planetarium show exploring the possibility of time travel in our universe. Loosely inspired by the novel The Time Traveler's Wife, Red Shift follows a woman through various stages of her life as she comes to terms with her mysterious husband's imminent death. This highly-physical piece features original songs by Solomon Hoffman and Nick Parker.

Filmed version of the opening number, "Disappearance" (April 2015): 

"But fate has ways of keeping us 'in time'..." Three women, clinging to what he has left behind, sing of their desire to leave and the forces that pull them back. Inspired by The Time Traveler's Wife.

Directed by Alex Hare
Cinematography and editing: Gus Reed
Cast: Kyra Atekwana, Rebecca Farley, Devin Lloyd
Music: Solomon Hoffman
Lyrics: Nick Parker
Camera Ops: Jo Chiang, Harry McFann
Musicians: Sophia Sun, Kevin Yu