The production is a beautiful showcase for its creators and performers...catch them now, so you can say you β€˜knew them when.’

NYC Fringe Festival, 14th St. Y, 2013

Music by Solomon Hoffman, Book and Lyrics by Nick Parker

Movement/Choreography by Adrianna Aguilar and Victoria Pollack

Set Design by Jiin Choi

Costume Design by Ilana Breitman

Lighting and Sound Design by Lila Neiswanger

A slice-of-life story heightened by contemporary dance, Lydia & Tom introduces the titular duo on the precipice of young adulthood, following them as they work to maintain a connection while wrestling with the attendant issues of growing up, including frequent physical distance, competition from new friendships, diverging interests, and romantic tension. Lydia & Tom explores the joy and anguish of our formative relationships.